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Ghost Gamelan

Susheela Raman

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What do Erik Satie, Sonic Youth, Philip Glass and Miles Davis share? A fascination inspired by gamelan, the Indonesian musical tradition of shimmering, looping resonance whose DNA has made its way into everything from modal jazz to electronic dance music.

British/Australian singer Susheela Raman’s creative journey has embraced genres as diverse as Byzantine chant, post-punk artpop and ecstatic Pakistani qawwali to the South Indian music her parents gifted her. For Ghost Gamelan Raman and longtime co-writer and guitarist Sam Mills travelled to Indonesia to transform their songs with contemporary Javanese gamelan composer Gondrong Gunarto.

It’s a haunting combination. With its compulsive rhythms and otherworldly harmonies, Ghost Gamelan is full of ancient echoes but achieves something unique, thrilling and contemporary.

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Ghost Gamelan tour produced by Far and Away Productions.

The Ghost Gamelan team thank the Indonesian Embassy, Australia for the loan of the gamelan set.