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★★★★★ Thrilling, frightening and entirely unforgettable.



Fifty dancers. One stage. Endless possibilities.

From darkness they emerge, a dizzying mass of pulsating bodies. The push and pull of humanity is embodied by this heaving throng of life, but can a crowd be more than the sum of its parts? As complex patterns ripple through the flood of figures, a single movement triggers a chain reaction wheeling the fragile whole from chaos to order. This riveting, hypnotic dance work explores relationships between the individual and the collective, solitary striving and joyous union, with a cast of 50 performing as one.

In recent years Melbourne-based choreographer Stephanie Lake has cemented a reputation as one of the most exciting and prolific talents of her generation, and Colossus is her biggest achievement in every sense. The monumental scale of this work is matched only by the talents of the collaborators assembled to realise this bold production. The sheer energy of Lake’s mass of performers brings an infectious edge, bound to leave you changed.

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2019 Green Room Awards

Best Visual Design

PHOTO | Mark Gambino

★★★★ Emotional and human.

Stephanie Lake
Lighting Designer
Bosco Shaw
Composition & Sound Designer
Robin Fox
Costume Designer
Harriet Oxley
Production Manager
Emily O'Brien
Claire Bradley Duke
Gabriel Sinclair, Adrien Tucker, Aimee Schollum, Annaleise Gaffney, Rebecca Berry, Dominique Cowden, Eloise Brodie, Emily Sterry, Gabrielle Loveridge, Hayley Roe, Hannah Billingham, Jazmyn Carter, Jennifer Ma, Kady Mansour, Kaitlin Malone, Kayla Douglas, Lachlan Hall, Larissa Anthony, Lauren Stanley, Marni Green, Michaela Tancheff, Molly Davies, Nicholas Eva, Nicole Muscat, Nikki Tarling, Olivia Yeo, Phaedra Brown, Rachel Mackie, Rowan Jobling, Sarah Bourne, Samuel Hammat, Sarah McCrorie, Sophia Van Gent, Sophie Gould, Surekha Krishnan, Tammy Bouman, Thalia Livingstone, Tiffany Hislop, Vanessa Northcote, Damian Meredith, Felicity Boyd, Angelica Menta, Miles Lee, Yvonne Huang, Claudia Busetti


  • Presenting Partner
  • MIAF Dancing Architects
  • With support from
  • Bowness

This project was originally commissioned by Arts Centre Melbourne and Melbourne Fringe as part of the Take Over Program.