Theatre World Premiere Australia


by Andrew Bovell, Patricia Cornelius, Melissa Reeves, Christos Tsiolkas and Irine Vela


★★★★ Ambitious, energetic and remarkable.


The long-awaited follow-up to one of Australian theatre’s most acclaimed collaborations asks a bold question: does Australia share a dream and do we really sing with one voice?

Twenty-one years ago four playwrights and a composer came together to create Who’s Afraid of the Working Class?, a series of powerful interwoven vignettes that captured the zeitgeist of Melbourne and Australia in the 1990s. Now the same team reunite to take the pulse of our nation today with director Susie Dee and an incredible ensemble cast.

What emerges is a funny and ferocious portrait of a country unable to reconcile its past, uncertain of its future and political vision. The colliding voices that make up this anthem might not always be in harmony, but they cannot be silenced.

Who’s Afraid of the Working Class? was an ode to tiny struggles writ large; Anthem turns up the volume on the everyday injustices we choose not to hear.

Susie Dee (Love, SHIT) directs an extraordinary ensemble of performers and musicians to give voice to this important work. The diverse and multi-generational cast includes Amanda Ma, Maude Davey, Tony Nikolakopoulos, Eva Seymour, Carly Sheppard, Maria Mercedes, Reef Ireland, Thuso Lekwape, Osamah Sami, Eryn Jean Norvill, Sahil Saluja and Ruthy Kaisila.

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Post-show Q&A

Fri 4 October

Stay after the show for a free Q&A with the creatives.

Panel Discussion

Arts Centre Melbourne, Amcor Lounge 
Sun 6 October, 3.30—4.30pm

Join us at the panel discussion with the creatives of Anthem, Susie Dee, Andrew Bovell, Patricia Cornelius, Melissa Reeves, Christos Tsiolkas and Irine Vela, facilitated by Richard Watts. Free and no bookings required. 

Warning: contains very strong language. Recommended for ages 15+.

PHOTO | Pier Carthew, production shots Pia Johnson

Dynamic, beautifully orchestrated and powerfully moving... a superb piece of theatre.

Powerful and important theatre.

Andrew Bovell
Patricia Cornelius
Melissa Reeves
Christos Tsiolkas
Irine Vela
Susie Dee
Marg Horwell
Lighting Designer
Paul Jackson
Music Director and Sound Designer
Irine Vela
Movement Consultant
Natalie Cursio
Assistant Director
Sapidah Kian
Aboriginal Cultural Consultant
Bryan Andy
Maude Davey
Reef Ireland
Ruthy Kaisila
Thuso Lekwape
Amanda Ma
Maria Mercedes
Tony Nikolakopoulos
Eryn Jean Norvill
Sahil Saluja
Osamah Sami
Eva Seymour
Carly Sheppard
Jenny M. Thomas
Dan Witton
Creative Producer (2016—March 2019)
Daniel Clarke


  • Presented with
  • Arts Centre Melbourne
  • Presenting Partners

     Commissioning Circle

    Barristers Consortium

Major Festivals Initiative 

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government’s Major Festivals Initiative, managed by the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, in association with the Confederation of Australian International Arts Festivals Inc., commissioned by Melbourne International Arts Festival, Arts Centre Melbourne, Sydney Festival and Perth Festival. 

This project was initiated by Arts Centre Melbourne.

Produced by Performing Lines in association with Arts Centre Melbourne. Script commissioned by Arts Centre Melbourne.

Performing Lines